Getting around Helsinki by public transportation

Helsinki Region Transport HSL/HRT is one of the official partners of the World Figure Skating Championships. HSL will transport both competitors and spectators to the competition venue at Hartwall Arena. Forget parking problems, ride with HSL.

Public transportation, with an extensive array of effective services, is the most eco-friendly and practical means of travel in the Helsinki region. HSL tickets allow you to travel on commuter trains, buses throughout the capital city area and within Helsinki also on the Metro, trams and Suomenlinna ferry. HSL’s Journey Planner gives you public transport routes and timetables to help you get where you are going.

As all trains stop at Pasila, Hartwall Arena can be conveniently reached by train. The Arena is only a short walk from the station and there are signs to guide you every step of the way. If you are traveling to the Arena from Helsinki Airport, take a P or I train. You need an HSL regional ticket for the journey. At the airport, you can buy a single ticket from ticket machines (baggage claim hall) or a day ticket from an R-kiosk or Tourism Info. Please note that HSL’s tickets are not valid on long-distance trains.

For more information, see the Hartwall Arena website.


Which ticket do I need and where can I buy it?

 If you are mostly traveling within Helsinki, a one-zone Helsinki internal ticket is enough. If you are traveling across municipal boundaries, for example, from Helsinki Airport to Pasila, you need a regional ticket. A regional ticket entitles you to travel in Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa. If you travel across the whole HSL area, for example, from Kerava to Helsinki, you need a three-zone extended regional ticket (Extended region 3). Information about the zones here.


Mobile ticket

On the HSL Mobile ticket application, you can buy single tickets for all HSL travel zones. The app is available in all app stores and you can download it on your smartphone free of charge. You can pay the tickets with Visa or MasterCard payment cards. To buy a ticket, your phone must be connected to the mobile data network. Download the app and see how it works.

Single tickets are also available from drivers and HSL ticket machines. Please note that tickets bought from a ticket machine or driver are valid from the moment of purchase. With a single ticket you can transfer from one vehicle to another within the validity of the ticket. Tram tickets entitle you to travel on trams only. 


Day ticket 

If you are staying for a couple of days, it is advisable to buy a day ticket, which entitles you to unlimited travel on all HSL’s modes of transport within the area and period of validity of the ticket. A day ticket is a good option if you make more than two public transport journeys per day using single tickets. You can buy a day ticket for 1-7 days. The tickets are valid on buses, commuter trains, the Metro, trams and the Suomenlinna ferry. The tickets are available from R-kiosks, large department stores, ticket machines, HSL service points, Citizen Services in Espoo and Vantaa Infos in Vantaa. More information here.

Children under 7 years of age travel for free and children aged 7-16 years travel at half the adult fare on HSL transport services. Forget parking problems, ride with HSL. For best routes to the competition venue, visit the Journey Planner at

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