ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2017 in Helsinki
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Figure skating charms like dance, excites like sport, and enchants as a form of art. You can witness amazing performances, the great drama of sports and the breathtaking virtuosity of world class skaters at the figure skating event of the century. The World Figure Skating Championships will be the most enchanting sporting event of Finland’s jubilee year, and the best way to experience the atmosphere is in person at the Hartwall Arena. Buy your event tickets here!



Eight different competition events 

Ladies Short

Wed 29.3

The week of the World Championships begins with the exciting ladies' short program featuring stunningly expressive performances.

Tickets for Ladies Short from 26.50 €   

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Opening on Ice & Pairs Short

Wed 29.3

A magnificent opening show like never before - followed by the breathtakingly acrobatic pairs short program.

Tickets for Opening on Ice and Pairs Short from 37.50€ 

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Men´s short

Thu 30.3

The men will wow the audience with exhilarating jumps and powerful emotions in their short programs.

Tickets for Men´s Short from 20.17 €  

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Pairs free

Thu 30.3

The first world champions will be crowned later Thursday night, when the pairs free skating concludes the day’s program.

Tickets for Pairs Free from 37.50 €

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Dance short

Fri 31.3

The ice dancers will take the stage for their short dance featuring beautiful and passionate edgework.

Tickets for Dance Short from 26.50 €  

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Ladies free

Fri 31.3

It is ladies' turn to show their most dizzying spins in the ladies' free skating, after which the ladies' medalists will be crowned.

Tickets for Ladies Free SOLD OUT 

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Men´s free

Sat 1.4.

Medals will be awarded to the best male skaters on Saturday after a free skating event featuring breathtaking virtuosity in jumps and spins.

Tickets for Men Free SOLD OUT 

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Dance free

Sat 1.4.

The ice dancers will round off the competition day with intricate edges and turns in the free dance event. 

Tickets for Dance Free SOLD OUT

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Exhibition of champions

Sun 2.4.

The Exhibition of Champions will close the competition week with performances from the newly crowned medalists and Finnish figure skating stars.

Tickets for Exhibition of Champions SOLD OUT


The most dedicated fans can also witness the athletes' preparations for the competition for a reasonable price.  The Worlds in Helsinki will be especially thrilling because the athletes also compete for berths at the 2018 Olympics. Many Olympic medalists will be making a comeback in Helsinki.


Tickets for Practices

You can also purchase tickets for the official practices at the Hartwall Arena. The practices are a perfect chance to see the preparation of the worlds best skaters for the most important competition of the year. All-Event tickets for Ice Levels and Balcony 1 include entrance to the official practices at Hartwall Arena. Whole day tickets on Monday and Tuesday are sold for 25 euros. Tickets for the evening on Monday and Tuesday and for the morning practices from Wednesday to Saturday are sold for 15 euros. Buy your tickets here. 


Five ticket categories

Each event in the Championships has five different ticket categories, of which three are at ice level and two in the balconies. Of these, the ice level premium seats have already sold out. The cheapest tickets are 20.17 euros. A family ticket includes four balcony level tickets; at least two of the four ticket holders must be under 12 years of age.  The family tickets start from 58 euros, and tickets for the Exhibition of Champions for the whole family are 99.60 euros. Children's tickets for children under 12 years of age are available for the balcony levels starting from 11.50 euros. Tickets to practices in the Arena on competition days are available at 15 euros.

The price includes the service fee for ticket sales. Additional charge for the delivery and payment method may apply.


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