Waltteri Torikka becomes ambassador for 2017 ISU World Figure Skating Championships

Waltteri Torikka, opera singer and one of Finland’s leading musical artists, has taken on the role of ambassador for the figure skating event of the century. Torikka, who is quickly establishing a career at home and abroad, represents the new generation of opera and concert singers. He was named Young Musician of the Year 2014 by the Finnish Pro Musica Foundation.

Various cooperative efforts with the aim of breaking the boundaries between art and sport will be carried out at The World Figure Skating Championships in late March - early April, and the competition's ambassadors will play a significant role in these efforts. The Worlds2017 ambassadors are part of the competition event, they can give out tickets to a group of their choice and so give them the gift of a unique experience.

Waltteri Torikka's new album, Rakkaus (Love), was released in October. His 2015 debut album Sydän (Heart) was a great success. Torikka's superb voice can be heard at Hartwall Arena at the event's opening ceremony when the baritone will open the competition by singing the national anthem of Finland.

- I've always been interested in the esthetics of figure skating. I think it's great to be involved in a world class event like this on the centenary of our independence, Torikka says excitedly.

The Finnish Figure Skating Association will host the ISU World Figure Skating Championships in Helsinki from 29 March to 2 April, 2017. The World Championships will be the most important sporting event in the metropolitan area during Finland’s centenary celebration year. More than 65,000 spectators and 200 athletes are expected to attend the World Figure Skating Championships. An estimated 300 million viewers will be watching the competition on TV. Finland last hosted the Worlds in 1999. 


11/21/2016 - 09:19

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