Finding the Right Program Music in Figure Skating

Music plays a fundamental role in figure skating, as it gives the skater a chance to bring out their artistic side. The right music combined with the right choreography can at best offer an enduring and memorable experience for the spectator. However, finding the right music can be a challenging process as the music needs to meet the skater on both a technical and an artistic level, without being too big for the skater. 

Ninni Toivonen writes about music in the figure skating world in her article on the difficulties of choosing the right kind of music. In her article she also interviews international figure skating judge Mika Saarelainen about his take on music. From his work as a reporter for years, Saarelainen has gained experience and opinions about the music world and calls for more bravery and creativity in music choice. 

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Picture: Antti Lehto

01/27/2017 - 11:11

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