If you  have any questions that you don't find answers to from the information below, please do not hesitate to contact us at: info.worlds2017 [at] gmail.com.


How can I purchase tickets to the event?

Tickets are sold by Lippu.fi. More information about tickets is available here.
During the competition, tickets can be bought from the box office at the Hartwall Arena an hour before the beginning of the first event. 


Is there a coat check/cloakroom or luggage storage at the arena?

There are no coat checks/cloakrooms or luggage storage facilities at the Hartwall Arena. For security reasons luggage can not be taken in to Hartwall Arena. Security checks will take place at all entrances, so please leave all extra belongings at home or at your hotel. Other options for storing luggage after checking out of your hotel include the storage rooms of hotels, the storage lockers at the Helsinki Main Railway Station (more information here) or the storage lockers at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport (more information here). 


How do I get to the Hartwall Arena with public transportation?

It's easiest to get to the Hartwall Arena by local train, tram, or bus. Click on this link for further information about getting to the Arena. Helsinki Region Transport HSL is responsible for public transport in Helsinki.


Is there car parking at the arena?

The parking at the Hartwall Arena is subject to a fee. We recommend using public transport. Click this link for more information about parking. If you are urged to arrive by car please arrive as early as possible since there can be a traffic jam at the parking hall.


Is there an ATM/cash point at the Arena?

There are no ATMs/cash points inside Hartwall Arena. You can pay with cash or major debit and credit cards at the Arena. 


Will there be wLAN at the arena?

Yes. There will be complementary WLAN connection for all spectators.



ALL banners that are not fire-proof can not be bigger than 1,5 meters by 1 meter. All banners above this size must be able to prove that they are fire-proof with a certificate.

Deliver your banners to the MM2017 information point near the main entrance. The information point will be open starting from the time when the Hartwall Arena opens for the official practices on Monday 27.03.
If you want your banner returned to you, attach your name and a telephone number to the banner so you can be reached. Banners can be picked up after the competition at a separately agreed time.  


Forbidden items at Hartwall Arena

Security checks will take place at all entrances to the Arena. These items are forbidden in the Arena:

  • filled bottles
  • all poles, stakes / telescopic rods that reach over 1 meter
  • laser pointers
  • pressurized horns
  • alcohol and illegal substances
  • weapons
  • rockets, torches, smokethrowers and fireworks
  • all forbidden items and substances
  • pointy and/or big umbrellas
  • banderolls with racist or offensive texts


Camera Policy

Spectators can take pictures for personal use. 
The following are not permitted:

  • Flash photography
  • ​Cameras that interfere with other fans´enjoyment, including monopods, tripods and lenses so long as to detract other spectators
  • Any resale of photography
  • Video recording


Can spectators stay in the Hartwall Arena between events?

The Arena will be cleared between each event for a few minutes to allow for the checking of each events tickets. The spectators will be asked to step outside for a few minutes between the events half an hour after the event has ended.


Is the Arena wheelchair accessible?

Hartwall Arena is easily accessible by wheelchair. There is special parking spaces for disabled persons, which provide easy access to the first floor. The arena’s main entrance on the first floor is located near the elevator leading from the parking garage. The taxi drop-off point is right in front of the third floor’s main entrance. Inside the entrance on the left you’ll find an A-elevator, which takes you to the first floor (this elevator is reserved for persons with reduced mobility).  The seats for wheelchair users are located on the first floor between sections 112-116.


CAn I Exit and re-enter the arena during an event?

It is possible to exit Hartwall Arena and re-enter during the event that you have bought your ticket for. All tickets are valid for the whole time of the event that your ticket has been purchased for.



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